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Ripstop Nylon


Looking for a Ripstop Nylon Supplier in the UK?

Ripstop Nylon is used in sail making, kites, inflatable structures, canopies, awnings, hot air balloons and photographic lighting studios. 

Ripstop nylon is a lightweight nylon fabric with ripstop reinforcements interwoven in a hatched pattern. This lightweight nylon comes in many different sizes and colors. Ripstop nylon can be waterproof or even flame retardant.

Most of the work we do and choose to take on now is for automotive photography studios as this fabric is perfect for diffusing an even light across large areas. We sew the ripstop in house to create large expansive sheets of fabric that can be used for diffusers, covers, or coloured backdrops.

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Ripstop nylon supplies in the UK:

ripstop nylon supplier UK
5.90 GBP
(Code: 300d polyesterBL)
300D Polyester - PVC Coating
300D PU UV Polyester 150cm
Approx 200gsm 
Sold Per Meter

8.99 GBP
(Code: 1735179fa0)
Ripstop Nylon Repair Tape - 7.5m x 50mm Ripstop Nylon Repair Tape - 7.5m x 50mm 
5.70 GBP
(Code: 1858FR1)
65g per m²  1st Quality Ripstop Nylon PU Coating65g per m  Standard 1st Quality Ripstop Nylon
150cm Wide
Huge Colour Range - 1st quality, beautiful ripstop nylon, consistent and reliable colour.
8.99 GBP
(Code: 18581)
Fire Retardant Ripstop Nylon - 65g per m²65g per m  FR Rated Standard 1st Quality Ripstop Nylon
150cm Wide
Huge Colour Range - 1st quality, beautiful ripstop nylon, consistent and reliable 
colour choices

FR Certificate available upon request

8.99 GBP
(Code: 20015445)
48g Mirai Ripstop
17.99 GBP
(Code: 1861-aad34e)
41g per m²  Chikara Ripstop Nylon 41g per m Chikara Ripstop Nylon (Officially Used By Flexifoil International)

Chikara is a high-end double coated fabric with unmatched lasting performance due to its high tear strength. 
Chikara is used by many kite and paraglider manufacturers, industries in which quality and performance demands are extremely high. This makes Chikara suitable for many other applications where light weight, tear strength and low stretch are important.

19.99 GBP
(Code: 1857-a57b00)
31g per m²  Icarex Ripstop Polyester 31g per m Icarex Ripstop Polyester 1.4m roll width


High quality low stretch ripstop polyester. Icarex is an exceptional lightweight fabric with an unmatched air tightness / dimensional stability ratio.